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View and download all publications available in HAL resulting from a project funded by The French National Research Agency (ANR).

The French National Research Agency (ANR)

The ANR is the funding agency for project-based research in France. It is a public body under the authority of the French Ministry for Research. Its mission is to fund and promote pure and applied research, technical innovation and technology transfer, as well as partnerships between research teams in public and private sectors, on national, European and international levels.

The ANR is also the main operator of Investments for the Future programmes (PIA 1, 2, 3) in the field of higher education and research. The ANR has ISO 9001 certification for all its project selection processes.


The HAL-ANR portal

The HAL-ANR portal brings together and promotes all the scientific publications arising from projects funded by the ANR. The creation of this portal represents a new step in the implementation of the “open access to publications” section of the ANR's open science policy.

ANR Open Science policy

The ANR Open Science policy, introduced in 2013, fully aligns with the National Plan for Open Science launched by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, in July 2018. The policy has three objectives:

  • Promote open access to scientific publications (Open Access)
  • Contribute to open research data wherever possible (Open Research Data)
  • Coordinate efforts at the national, European and international levels

Open acces to publications (Open Access)

As part of the ANR’s contribution to the promotion and implementation of open science, and in line with the National Plan for Open Science, the funded project coordinator and partners must undertake to submit the scientific publications (full text) resulting from the research project to an open archive, either directly in HAL or via a local institutional archive, in accordance with the conditions in article 30 of the French “For a digital republic” act. In addition, the ANR recommends giving preference to publication in open access journals or books. Finally, as a cOAlition S partner, ANR recommends using the CC-BY licence for publications arising from the projects it funds.

For more information about the ANR open science policy

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